Programme at a Glance

   1 October 2019 (Tuesday)

Plenary 1: A New Rice Revolution

Combating poverty and climate change through rice

  • What does the future hold if we fail to act now?
  • How is a single basic commodity linked to a range of SDGs?
  • What is the role of the Sustainable Rice Platform in delivering a sustainable future?


Track 1: Inclusive Businesses
The business case for “SRP Rice”

  • How are SRP outreach projects promoting inclusive businesses?
  • What are the social, economic and environmental impacts revealed from outreach initiatives?
  • What are the lessons learned from the different projects?

Track 2: Rice Now
Market outlook and policy mechanisms for sustainable rice production

  • What are the emerging market and policy trends that could hamper or accelerate uptake of sustainable rice production and consumption?
  • How can diverse stakeholders participate in a shift towards sustainable supply chains?
  • How can private sector and civil society actors work with governments to achieve their respective climate, water and food security targets?

Track 3: Scanning the Landscape
Global environmental benefits of landscape-level sustainability

  • How can rice help preserve and protect ecosystems?
  • How should potential trade-offs be addressed?

Networking Reception

2 October 2019 (Wednesday)

Plenary 2: Financing Sustainable Rice
Global partnerships for scale featuring diverse financing models and instruments

  • What approaches, mechanisms and financing models are available to drive upscaling of adoption of sustainable climate-smart best practices in rice production?
  • How can we replicate and further scale these models?


Track 4: Smart Solutions and Technology Convergence
Driving adoption of best practices using innovative technologies

  • What are the key digital trends that could boost uptake of climate-smart rice production and marketing?
  • How can climate-smart technologies help improve yields and reduce post-harvest loss to benefit rice producers?

Track 5: Local Action for Global Solutions
Best practices for sustainable and climate-smart rice production

  • What are the latest climate-smart techniques that could empower smallholders to adopt sustainable rice farming practices?

Track 6: Sustainable Food Culture
A growing movement for sustainable food systems

  • How can millennials help transform food systems to ensure a sustainable future?
  • How can young people play a role in fostering sustainable lifestyles?