Programme at a Glance

Note: Themes and topics may change

1 October 2019 (Tuesday) 2 October 2019 (Wednesday)
Opening Ceremony

Plenary 1: Closing the loop

  • Linking farmers to markets
  • Sustainable procurement and assurance
  • Consumer preferences

Plenary 2: Global partnerships for scale

  • Sustainable Rice Platform
  • Sustainable Rice Landscapes Initiative
  • National level initiatives
Track 1: Rice now

  • Global and regional market trends
  • Policy challenges and solutions
  • Retailer perspectives
  • Consumer trends
Track 4: ICTs and climate‐smart farming

  • Empowering smallholders through climate-smart technologies
  • Digital platforms for marketing and trading
  • Data sharing and protection
Track 2: Inclusive businesses

  • The business case for sustainable rice procurement
  • Assurance, verification and authenticity
Track 5: Post‐harvest technologies

  • Reducing post-harvest losses
  • Advances in residue management
Track 3: Funding GAP (Good Agricultural Practices)

  • Innovative financing partnerships for climate resilience and rice sector transformation
  • Financial instruments, models and services for sustainable rice production
Track 6: SRP- Social and economic impacts

  • Inclusivity
  • Gender impacts
  • Distributional impacts: who benefits?